How to make a wooden case for a USB stick

Want to convert your USB flash drive? Change the plastic case to a wooden one, which can be easily done with your own hands. The new "clothes" will look stylish, beautiful and elegant at the same time. And practically no expenses are required - only a little time and patience.

A USB flash drive in a wooden case is also an original gift that can be made to a friend or loved one. For this craft, you need any flash drive (the main thing is to be working), as well as a piece of wood. Moreover, it is desirable to choose hardwood.

The main stages of work

First of all, we disassemble the native case of the flash drive and get the "insides". Then we apply the board to a wooden rail 5-6 mm thick and draw contours. Next, we cut out the case element on a band or pendulum saw. We process internal edges with a file on a tree.

At the next stage, we make the response part, into which the USB flash drive will be "hidden". We insert a piece of neodymium magnet into it for a more reliable fixation. Alternatively, you can insert the USB-connector "mother" in the mate.

Then it will be necessary to make wooden lining of dark wood (light wood is used for the case). We insert the board into the "landing slot", after which we paste prepared wooden plates on the case.

At the end, we bring the product to mind on a belt grinder or with sandpaper. Coat with varnish or mineral impregnation. For more information on how to make a wooden case for a USB stick, see the video on our website.