Lily as a decoration

Lily as a decoration is used very often. Women love to decorate their clothes and hair with flowers. Moreover, not only alive, but also made of various materials.
To make a lily flower, you need a beautiful satin ribbon, good scissors, a clip, a lighter or a candle, a piece of dense fabric, waterproof transparent glue.
First you need to cut a satin ribbon with a width of 5 cm squares. It will take a total of at least 18 squares.

From the prepared squares of the tape, you need to make sharp kanzashi petals. To do this, first the square of the tape is folded diagonally.

Now the blank must be folded again.

Fold the workpiece again and fix the resulting triangle with a clamp. If there is no clamp, you can press it with your hands, but you need to be very careful not to get a burn when fixing the petal with fire.

The next step is to trim the bottom edge and burn it with the flame of a candle or lighter. Be careful.

The result should be such a petal. All imperfections can be removed by cauterization by fire.

The resulting petal is turned inside out.
When all the petals are ready, you can begin to create a flower. It is necessary to prepare the basis. For this purpose, you can use a piece of dense tissue or dermantine. You can also take as a basis a piece of plastic. A circle with a diameter of 2.5 - 3.0 cm is cut from the selected material. Six petals of the first row are glued to it. It is best to apply a layer of glue on the base, and then apply the petals. After all the petals are distributed, you need to press them with your hands and give a few minutes to grasp.
The second layer of petals is applied a little differently. Now you need to grease each petal from the bottom with glue, and then place it between the lower ones.
The petals of the next row are glued in the same way. After all the petals are glued, let them dry. After that, you need to draw the middle of the flower. For a stylized lily, a button in the color of the ribbon is quite suitable.
Now the decoration is ready. It is only necessary to take into account that for complete drying of the glue it takes at least a day. Such a lily can be used as a brooch. She can decorate a hairpin or a hair band. And if you make several colors in this technique, you can create a composition that will decorate not only the outfit, but also the interior.

Another variant of lily: