Making beautiful postcard paper

When you are invited to a birthday, what do you think first of all, apart from the present? Of course, about a beautiful postcard. The choice of postcards is often given special attention. I want her to be not only beautiful, but also cheerful, suitable for the character of the person to whom she will get. Today I will tell you how to make an unusual fun paper for a card from a simple white sheet. Having done this experiment, you can safely experiment with flowers and make paper that suits the taste of the person to whom you want to give a postcard.
You will need:
- Disposable cups of small size;
- White sheets of paper. I do not recommend using paper for Xerox. It becomes wavy from the water, but we do not need it;
- Any paints. I have this watercolor, I love its delicate shades. If you use, for example, gouache, then the colors will be more vivid. Here, the choice of paint depends on your taste;
- A can of soapy water. Water can be made by adding a little detergent, liquid soap or shampoo to the jar and mixing the contents well;
- brush;
- A tube for cocktails.

The first thing we need to do is soapy water. We need it quite a bit, literally a third of a small can.

Pour water into glasses. Pour water into a glass at a level no thicker than one finger, otherwise you will have to spend a lot of paint to get the desired result. With a brush, we select the desired color and wash it off in water in a glass. We do there until the water becomes a bright color, like paint in a container.

We take a tube, insert it into a glass and blow air into it. You should get nice soap bubbles. Blow into the glass until the bubbles reach the edge of the glass and crawl out of it.

We take a sheet of paper and apply it to a glass. It turns out such a funny scam.

We do the same with the rest of the glasses with colored water.

We apply the sheet in unpainted places and get a rainbow of color.

Sheets can be painted with all colors at once. In this case, watch out for that. So that dirt does not appear - "stickiness" of color. Then the paper will not be beautiful, it will become colored, but “dirty” - this is not attractive.
You can also color the sheet with just one color. This is perfect for greeting cards for guests of a party or any other holiday.