Bouquet of autumn leaves

In autumn, sometimes I want the house to look warm and cozy. But even a small bouquet, playing with bright colors, is able to revive the interior of the apartment and cheer up these gloomy, rainy, bad weather. And it’s not at all necessary to rush to the flower stall in pursuit of a good mood. A bright and original bouquet can be made from colorful autumn leaves, which autumn generously endows with us.
In order to make a bouquet we will need: beautiful autumn leaves (try to take leaves that are sufficiently sinewy, but at the same time quite flexible, for example: maple, grape, linden leaves), rowan or viburnum twigs, saucer, scissors, scotch tape, threads and a little imagination.
And so, first we will be engaged in decorating our saucer, which will serve as the basis for the future bouquet. To make the “bed” of the bouquet more original and colorful, you can use the leaves of different trees and shrubs, twigs of viburnum or mountain ash, and stems of dried flowers. Since our bouquet does not imply much durability, we will fasten the leaves to the saucer simply with adhesive tape.

When the base is ready, you can begin to make flowers. For this we will use the most common leaves. We take one leaf and roll it into a tube - this is the core of our future flower. To prevent the sheet from unwinding, we grab the bottom of the resulting core with threads.

Now we begin to manufacture the remaining petals for our autumn flowers. Fold the leaf in half and, wrapping it around the core, form a petal. Having formed each subsequent petal, do not forget to wind it well with threads to the base so that the flower does not lose shape and does not crumble.

When the number of flowers necessary for your bouquet is ready, you can start assembling the bouquet. We do not complicate our task and fasten the flowers to the base with the same adhesive tape. Now it remains only to supplement the composition with small decorative branches and our autumn bouquet is ready.

Such compositions are quite simple to perform, so even their fragility is not a problem. To slightly extend the life of such a bouquet, you can add a small amount of water in the saucer, but you will have to change it daily. So - this is more of an extra work, because a generous fall in colors allows you to create small masterpieces from autumn leaves as soon as you have a desire to create.