Children's craft "Aquarium in a box"

Children's crafts are of great importance for the development of a child of any age. They develop not only fine motor skills, but also imagination, the ability to express themselves and an understanding of the world. And today we will show how to create a small aquarium using plasticine and a matchbox.
Materials: Matchbox, PVA glue, scissors, plasticine, colored paper in two colors (one color should be blue or blue, and the second of your choice).

Working process:
1. First, glue each side of the box with colored paper, as in the photo.

2. We roll small balls from yellow, orange, and brown plasticine — these are future stones. From the green color of plasticine, we form algae. You can make a fish of any color and shape. It can be striped, with scales, in a word, do not limit the imagination of the child. You will also need a starfish, it can be orange or yellow.

3. All parts are ready and proceed to assembly. Arrange the stones and algae in the box, as in the photo.

4. It's time to run a fish in the aquarium.

5. Inside our aquarium is ready and it remains only to decorate the lid with a starfish.

Good luck with your creations and good mood!