New Year's decor: "Winter's Tale".

How do you decorate your house before the New Year? Of course, the decorated Christmas tree and garlands on the doorposts are beyond competition. But you can try to create a fairy tale even in the most inconspicuous corner of your house. In this case, you do not need exotic materials or a lot of time to work.

So we need:
• A4 paper sheets, from 6 to 10;
• Scotch tape;
• Pencil;
• scissors;
• Low candles (tea rooms in metal candlesticks are suitable).
Working process:
On the sheets on one side, draw the contours of various "winter" objects: Christmas trees of different sizes, houses with roofs covered with snow, bunnies, snowdrifts, etc. Nothing complicated - you can just draw a lot of Christmas trees and houses.

And so all 6 sheets. Shapes may be repeated, but may be different on each sheet. It all depends on your imagination 
Cut out our contours.

Then you need to strengthen the sheets so that they stand on the surface.

Place the composition on the dresser (our case), on a shelf, on the table. She looks especially beautiful on the windowsill. Imagine: New Year's Eve, snowfall on the street, and a small miracle shines on your window ... but more on that later. Move on.
In the light of day, everything looks like this:

Then, in the resulting passage between the front and building decoration plan, we place our candles.

And we wait when it gets dark ...

When it is finally evening, you can light candles and admire how the winter town or forest glows (what did you draw?), How the fabulous shadows dance on the wall. Admiring your own work, you feel unity with the holiday and begin to believe that everything is possible.

Useful advice: the use of candles suggests that the illumination of paper decorations will not last very long. Instead of candles for more durable use, you can take small bulbs.
With sufficient care, you will also not have to worry about the possibility of a fire. Just do not put candles close to paper or leave them overnight.
Let your home illuminate joy and love on this New Year!