Salt Candlestick

To create such a wonderful candlestick, ordinary large edible salt is used. Of course, he looks so mysterious only by candlelight. It is worth confessing that in the light of day it is not so spectacular. But are we going to use it for its intended purpose? So, we will create a romantic atmosphere with the help of candles and a fabulous candlestick.
1. To make a candle holder, we need the following materials and tools:
• Glass.
• Salt.
• PVA glue.
• Brush.
• Paints.

2. We dilute PVA glue with water. On two parts of glue we take 1 part of water. Add some paint. In this case, the gouache paint is green.

3. Pour salt on paper. We level it so that there are no tubercles.

4. Apply tinted glue to the glass.

5. We begin to roll the glass in salt. Salt should stick to the glass evenly.

6. Leave the glass for a while until the glue dries. The original candlestick is ready.

7. And another photograph of the finished candlestick.