Christmas tree made of beads

The New Year is approaching, and more and more I want to decorate everything around us with something truly festive and unusual. How to decorate your workplace? Indeed, in most cases, you can’t place something bulky at home in the workplace. In this case, you can make a herringbone of beads with your own hand. It will be a wonderful reminder of the impending holidays.
To make this souvenir you will need:
- green or white beads (you can have another if you want to make an unusual craft) 25-30 grams;
- colored beads (it will imitate toys on the Christmas tree);
- one piece of silver or white bugles and a bead slightly larger than the main beads;
- thin wire;
- stand for the Christmas tree.

First you need to make the tree top. For this, a piece of wire is cut about 25-30 cm long and one bright colored bead is strung on it. Then both ends of the wire are threaded in the following sequence: bugles, bead, bead of the main color. After that, four beads of the main color are strung on each end of the wire.
Further, both ends are simultaneously pushed through two beads of the main color. After that, beads are strung on each "mustache" of wire: 4 main, 1 color, 4 main. Everything is fixed by twisting the ends of the wire in three to four turns. As a result, at each end of the wire there will be two such “rings”.

Next, twigs are made. They should be done as follows.

Four branches are made of such twigs.

Then more “fluffy” branches are made. They are created as follows.

There should be four of them on each tier.

The number of tiers in the Christmas tree depends on how high it is planned to be.
Starting from the fifth or sixth tier (if the tree is tall), two legs are added to each branch.
Branches are attached to the base using the same wire.

Final touch: securing to the stand. This should be done with glue. Beads or Christmas tree tinsel are poured over the glue in the stand.