Christmas tree costume

Master class on the theme: "Christmas tree costume."
To sew a Christmas tree costume you will need:
Light green tulle,
embossed fabric
dense fabric for an elevator,
green shirt
red bows or red material for them,
Your desire to sew something original.
1. Sew bright bows made of red material onto the shirt.
2. Cut out a skirt from embossed transparent fabric.
3. Sew the skirt to it in order to give volume to our Christmas tree.
4. We sew an elastic band on the belt.
5. We decorate the skirt with bright bows. You can sew light Christmas tree decorations on plastic toys.
6. On top of the skirt to the belt we sew tulle in the form of petals.
7. You can put on a wrap of fur, and if this is not, then make a light raincoat transparent.
8. Also, the crown or something resembling a star will not hurt.
9. Now our beautiful Christmas tree is completely ready for the holiday!
All fruitful inspirations!