Cork horse

For work, we need:
- wine corks;
- toothpicks;
- threads;
- universal glue;
- an awl or a large needle;
- beads;
- a piece of dense tissue or skin.

1. Using an awl we make a hole in the cork. We take a piece of toothpicks, grease it with glue and insert it into the hole in the cork. In this way we connect all the traffic jams together, forming a horse. For additional reliability of fastening, you can glue the junction of the plugs with each other.

2. We take dense threads or herringbone threads, as in this case, and make the horse’s mane and tail. Glue the mane and tail to the horse’s body.

3. From a piece of leather or dense tissue, cut out the ears for the horse. We will use small beads for the eye. Glue the ears and eyes to the head of our horse.

Now our horse from traffic jams is ready for the new year. You can sew a little loop and hang a small beauty on a Christmas tree or stick a small stand on the legs so that the horse takes pride of place on the New Year's table.