Natural air freshener

Everyone wants coziness reigned in the house and fragrantly smelled of freshness. Unfortunately, modern air fresheners do not contain natural components and are expensive. Moreover, purchased fresheners may contain substances harmful to the human body, for example, benzene or acetone. Therefore, to make the air in the apartment more vibrant and fragrant, you can resort to the home-made production of environmentally friendly air freshener. Having made your own harmless freshener, you will get a pleasant aroma in the house and beautiful decor that will decorate a window or cabinet. Also, when making your own air freshener, you can choose odors and colors at will and mood, so a homemade natural gelatin freshener is a great idea.
For manufacturing, we need the following:
• glass cup;
• water;
• essential oil (choose at will, in this case "Neroli");
• glycerin;
• gelatin;
• food coloring (choose any color, in this case green).

For decoration, you can use strawberries, sliced ​​citrus fruits, pebbles, shells and much more that comes to mind.
The process of making a homemade air freshener:
1. Pour water into a glass cup and add gelatin in the amount of two tablespoons. Stir it with a fork and leave it for 40 minutes.

2. Pour this liquid into a saucepan and set to heat on low heat. Stirring, warm and bring to a complete formation of a homogeneous mass when the gelatin dissolves. Remove the pan from the heat and let it stand a little and cool.

3. Drip 3-6 drops of essential oil into the liquid and add a tablespoon of glycerin, mix everything.

4. Add food coloring and stir again until a solid color is obtained.

5. Put the decor in a glass cup and fill it with the finished liquid. We send the workpiece to the refrigerator. Expect complete solidification.

6. We remove the finished jelly from a glass and set in the desired place. Now the smell in the house will be fragrant and fragrant.

Here is such an original decoration and an indispensable air freshener, you can do it yourself without much expense and effort. Now your living room will be fragrant and cheer up the whole family. I wish everyone happiness!