Straighten dents on the speaker cap

Now a lot of speakers are made with open dynamic heads. Their diffuser does not protect anything, neither the grid nor the grille. Of course there are speakers with a removable panel, but this is another case. Also, when transporting individual speakers, you can inadvertently press on the bulge in the center, which is called the dust cap. By name, I think it’s clear what it serves for.
And with careless exposure, this cap may wrinkle and push inward.

Of course, this is not critical, and most likely it will not affect the sound quality. But how beautiful it is, especially when the speaker is open to the visual eye.

But do not despair, as this minor defect is quite simple to fix.

Will need

To do this, take the following tools:
  • Pliers.
  • Thin needles.
  • Black permanent marker.

I hope you find it easy to find all of this.

We remove dents on the dust cap

The first step is to bend the tip of the needle, making an impromptu poker.

The bending angle is approximately 45 degrees.

Be careful, if your needles do not bend and break, then try to anneal the tip on the gas burner, it should become softer.
We take the modified needle and stick it carefully into the dent, but not in its very center, but closer to the edge.

We turn a little and try to stretch the indented around.

Sometimes one puncture is not enough, so you may need to make one more.
As a result of the manipulations, the needle inlet openings can change color and become noticeable.

Fill them with a black marker.

Your speaker again has an aesthetic look.

And the punctures are practically invisible, better than a dented cap.