How to make a wall holder for a dryer

In this review, the author shows how to make a wall-mounted holder for the dryer with your own hands.

Factory holders are often not of the best quality, so it’s better not to even look in their direction.

A home-made holder will be much more reliable and durable. The main material is wood (the master uses beech, but oak, hornbeam or birch are also suitable).

First of all, the author takes a wooden block, he places an old plastic holder on it (which, in fact, has broken) and marks the place where it is necessary to saw off.

The main stages of work

At the next stage, the author makes a marking and, using a Forstner drill, drills five identical holes for clotheslines. The diameter of the drill is 16 mm.

Then, with a conventional wood drill (diameter 8 mm), the master drills two mounting holes in the workpiece.

On a circular saw, the author makes cuts in the blank in the center of the previously drilled five holes.

After that, it remains only to round the edges and slightly refine the finished product. Then you can proceed to install the holder.

At the end, you can varnish the product or treat with mineral oil.

For details on how to make a wall-mounted holder for the dryer with your own hands, see the video on our website.