We make a bench vise from scraps of round pipes

Powerful bench vices for a home workshop or garage can be done on your own using trimming round pipes that often roll around under your feet.

Also, for the manufacture of this homemade product you will need 2 shock absorber rods. The author uses one of them as a pen, and the second serves as a guide.

The first step is to cut two pieces of pipe so that one piece can be inserted into the other. In this case, it is desirable to choose the diameters of the pipes so that the gap between the walls is minimal.

The main stages of work

The surface of the pipes must be cleaned from rust and paint. And still it will be necessary to make a part from a hairpin, a pipe segment, a nut and a washer to which the ring is welded.

In a large-diameter pipe, the author makes slits, and three segments of a steel bar must be welded to the ring. Thus, the part will be fixed in the grooves.

At the next stage, under the main part of the vise, it will be necessary to place a guide from the shock absorber rod (or you can use a round bar of the desired diameter).

Then the author makes the base from a piece of plate and welds it to a vice. A handle is made from the second rod. All that remains is to do and attach the clamping jaws.

For details on how to make powerful locksmith's vise from scraps of round pipes with your own hands, see this video.