How to make a stylish wooden ring with simple tools

Using simple and inexpensive tools that can be ordered on Aliexpress, you can make a stylish wooden ring. The technology itself is very simple, so everyone can repeat this "trick".

As a basis, the master uses a two-color block of wood. But in principle, an ordinary block (for example, from oak, birch or hornbeam) is also suitable.

The first step is to drill a circle from the bar with a crown on a tree. Then you will need to choose the middle of the future ring using a pen drill (the diameter of the drill in this case is selected based on the thickness of the finger).

The main stages of work

After the middle is drilled, you can proceed to machining the workpiece. The master processes the ring on a makeshift electric drill grinding machine. However, you can manually do everything.

After finishing sanding, it is necessary to impregnate the ring with mineral oil. The author pours oil into a plastic glass (you can use any container), throws the workpiece there and leaves it for 24 hours.

After the oil “bath” the ring darkened a little, but the color became more saturated, and the appearance changed for the better. At the last stage of work, you will need to polish the ring well.

Details on how to make a stylish wooden ring with simple tools can be found in the video on the website.