Mini drill from a conventional screwdriver

There is no way to buy a complete drilling machine for the workshop? No problem! It can be made from an ordinary screwdriver. Of course, this home-made functional will turn out to be a bit truncated, compared to a factory drilling machine.

However, it will be possible to drill small holes in wood and metal exactly vertically. And most importantly - to make a simple mini drilling machine with your own hands, this will require affordable materials and available tools.

The first step is to cut a piece of steel pipe about 30 cm long. Then, you will also need to cut a piece of the building corner. We weld the parts together - at an angle of 90 degrees.

The main stages of work

In the corner section we drill two through holes on each side. Then we cut two more pieces of the steel tube, cut out the saddle in them, and weld them to the main tube, so that in the end we get an L-shaped stand.

At the next stage, we proceed to the assembly of the structure. We attach the corner to a wooden base (for example, a piece of a plywood sheet or a shield from boards) with bolts and nuts. On a vertical guide we put a piece of tube with a clamp and a spring.

Then it remains only to securely fix the screwdriver or cordless drill, and you can proceed to drilling blanks. You can also install a power drill as a drive.

Details on how to make a do-it-yourself mini-drill machine for a house from an ordinary screwdriver can be found in the video on the website.