Polymer clay earrings

Do you remember how you used to learn to sculpt from plasticine in your childhood? So many interesting ideas, but all of them, as a rule, ended with dirty hands and unfulfilled expectations. Today, there is a great alternative to all these short-lived plasticine products - polymer clay. Thanks to this material, you can make beautiful and original jewelry that will delight you for more than one year.
And so, to create polymer clay earrings, we need:
1. Baked polymer clay Cernit (Cernit) - blue and white;
2. Toothpicks;
3. A sharp knife (or like my blade for a stationery knife);
4. Accessories for earrings;
5. And a white sheet of paper (you can also use glass or another clean and smooth surface).
6. A pinch of salt;
7. And, of course, inspiration (because without it, nowhere!).

And so, having collected all the necessary materials, we begin to create! First of all, we need to heat the clay so that it becomes softer and more elastic. To do this, cut off a piece of white clay and begin to knead it with your hands. This process is quite tiring, so be patient (to speed up the process, you can use a special softener for clay). After warming up the clay in your hands, you can finally roll up two small balls (a little less than a centimeter). Now these balls need to be rolled in coarse salt - this will give the beads an interesting effect. Then they need to be pierced with toothpicks and set aside, at this stage we no longer need them.

Now we begin to sculpt cubs. Like last time, we soften the clay in our hands. First we sculpt a ball (1 cm) - this is the future head. We take a piece of clay a little larger (1.5 cm) and also roll up the ball (if it is not quite even it is not scary) - this is the body of the bear.

We connect the head with the body.

Agree, while this looks a little like a bear, therefore, we attach four more identical balls (0.5 cm) to the torso - that’s where the teddy bear’s legs appeared. But he still lacks ears and a muzzle. Therefore, we take a piece of clay (0.5 cm), roll the ball and cut it in half, while making a horizontal line with a toothpick. We attach the resulting ears to the head. Then cut another piece of clay, knead and flatten between the fingers. We should get a small flat oval, it also needs to draw a vertical line in the middle with a toothpick. We attach the resulting muzzle to the head. The bear is ready!

Now we fix the accessories (except for Schwenz) and send our product to be baked in the oven. The time and temperature required for baking clay is usually indicated on the packaging. I bake the product for 30 minutes at a temperature of 130 degrees. After the product has been baked, it should still cool for a while, since the hot clay is very fragile. Do not forget that the white beads are still in salt, so we dip them in cold water (this will not affect the quality of the product), the salt dissolves, and we see interesting and original beads in front of us. Now beads and bears join each other. And the final step is to secure the shvenz. All our earrings are ready. Wear to health!