Wine cork keychain

From the seemingly completely unnecessary things in everyday life, it is sometimes possible to make a very original and useful thing. Today we will make a keychain for keys from a wine cork with our own hands. The beauty of this craft lies in its simplicity and originality. Even a child can make such a gift to parents or friends.
In addition, you can create such a key decoration using many different materials - beads, buttons, feathers, as well as various small trinkets.
Well and one more advantage - even being on a river or lake you can not worry that keys, having fallen in an ode will drown. Such trinkets are very convenient for fishing lovers or summer residents.
So. In order to make a keychain for keys from a wine cork with our own hands, we will use the following materials: thick threads, a needle, beads of different sizes, scissors, a wine cork and a little imagination.
1. First of all, you need to choose the appropriate cork for our future keyring. Although at first glance they seem to be exactly the same, but this is not entirely true. Only corks with a dense, slightly porous structure are suitable for work (otherwise the cork will simply begin to crumble and crumble during the manufacturing process). And the pattern on the cork can be either female - sakura branches, flower images, etc., or completely masculine or neutral.

2. Getting started. We thread the needle and pierce our wine cork through. We do everything very carefully so as not to get injured by a needle and crumble the cork.

3. Cut the thread, freeing it from the needle. My keychain is intended for a woman, so various beads will be used for decoration. If you decide to make such a keychain as a gift to a man, then appropriate accessories will be required - not so feminine.
On one side of our cork we tie a strong knot and begin to string beads on the thread. I made a fixation after each bead, tying up small knots. Cut off the excess end of the threads after the last bead is fixed.

4. Now we proceed to the decoration of the upper part of our keychain. We tie a knot, and string one bead on the free ends of the threads.

5. The ends of the threads are lowered down and firmly fixed under the cork base of the key fob. The excess length of the threads is removed with scissors.

6. We attach a ring with a chain to the top of the key fob.

7. Now our keychain is completely ready.