Chestnuts may come in handy.

Often children bring from the walk the "wealth" of nature. Especially with enthusiasm they like to collect fallen chestnuts, look for them under the foliage and enjoy every find. From them you can make not only simple children's crafts, but also jewelry for the girl.

Chestnuts are best used just fallen. After prolonged storage, they become very hard and difficult to pierce. But there is a way to make them soft. You can pour chestnuts with water and leave for a day.
So, for work we need:
- chestnuts;
- lace;
- lace;
- scrunchy;
- a needle with a thread;
- awl;
- scissors.
We choose chestnuts of the appropriate size. In this example, one large and two small on each side. There may be not three, but five or more. In each chestnut, we pierce a through hole with an awl.

We pull in the laces and the suspension is ready. Very fast and easy.

A bracelet.
We select chestnuts of the same size. We puncture two through holes in each:

We take a strong thread with a needle and string it like beads. Leave the free end of the thread at the very beginning. We string chestnuts through the upper holes, then through the lower ones:

At the end, the needle should come out of the chestnut, from which the assembly of the bracelet began. We fix the thread by tying it with a knot. We hide it in the chestnut hole. We pierce the ribbon:

The bracelet is ready:

We collect lace into a bow and sew on an elastic band:

In the chestnut, we make two through holes and sew it into the center of the bow, like a button. Smart hair band is ready:

Laces, ribbon and lace can be a different color. But it is desirable that one should look like a kit.
Crafts from chestnuts favorably affect the fine motor skills of the hands, develop imagination, train the concentration and perseverance of children.
Enjoy your work!