Notebook, sketchbook, notebook

Materials required for work:
- 15 sheets of A4 format,
- 1 sheet of thick A4 paper,
- very thick cardboard (you can use a solid backing from the album, a box) the size of A4,
- any fabric that you like,
- threads under the color of fabric for sewing,
- elastic band (30-40 cm),
- threads for stitching pages (you can take threads for sewing, but it’s better to use a thicker thread),
- needles (medium and large),
- pins
- scissors
- ruler,
- pencil
- Your skillful hands.

Let's get to work.
Take paper (15 ordinary sheets and one thicker sheet) and cut each in half. We bend two sheets of thick paper in half, one at a time (these sheets will be located between the cover and the paper block), and divide the remaining sheets into bundles of three sheets in each, and also fold them in half. Iron the bend area well.

Next, go to the cover. Take a thick cardboard and measure on it the dimensions of a sheet of A6 format, adding 0.5 cm to the three sides of the resulting rectangle. As a result, you should get two crusts, a little larger than the page.

Go to the next step: page stapling. We will sew the sheets with Coptic binding, which is very often used for sketchbooks. To begin, puncture holes with a thick needle at the fold of sheets. We measure the location of holes on any one page. The diagram below shows the distance between them.

Puncture holes on one sheet, by applying the same we do the same with the rest of the sheets and covers. Only on the covers you need to retreat from the edge of about one satimeter.

Now we pass the thread into the needle and proceed to fasten the sheets into a single block.

Take one cover and sheet.

We open the page and thread the needle into the hole

We pull the thread outward, leaving a small tail and thread the thread into the corresponding hole in the cover, then return to the same hole on the fold of the sheet from which the thread leads.

We tie a knot inside.

Next, we pull the thread out into the next hole and continue to fasten the cover with the sheet in the same way as in the previous steps. When you reach the last hole, fasten the thread inside with a knot and pull it out again.

Next, take a stack of three sheets and thread the needle into the outer hole.

Inside we thread the thread as follows.

Now, hooking the needle to the previous row, we make a loop (knot).

And we return to where the thread leads from.

Next, follow the same steps until all the sheets and the cover are interconnected.

Now go to the fabric cover. We make measurements of the tissue first by eye.

The result is a rectangle measuring 49x20 cm. We bend the fabric as shown in the diagram. Indents from the edge of 1.5 cm - on the hem.

We fix everything with pins.

And try on the cover on the block.

We flash the cover on top and bottom, if you wish, you can walk around the entire perimeter.

We put the cover on the paper block.

Now proceed to the "clasp". Take an elastic band and wrap around a notebook, tying a knot. Beads can be attached to the remaining ponytails.

On the back, we sew the elastic to the fabric so that it does not fall off and does not “travel”.

Here is such a compact and sturdy notebook you can make with your own hands.

I wish you creative success and inspiration!