Flanelegraf - a visual aid for preschool children

Once made, a flannelograph will serve your child until school. This visual aid deserves special attention from parents whose kids do not attend kindergarten. The popularity of a flannel graph is explained not only by its simplicity and cheapness.
With the help of pictures of different subjects, it is possible to organize developing classes with children from six months to about six years. So, the very first games are aimed at distinguishing color and shape. A little later, an idea is given of the size and ratio of objects relative to each other. It is convenient to group images according to a common criterion (all large, all round, all with wheels), look for superfluous in a row - for example, office supplies among foodstuffs or a pet in a series of wild animals.
It is convenient to reproduce a sequence of events from children's fairy tales on a flannelgraph, create various landscapes: forest, desert, urban. Pictures do not slide off the board due to the rough surface of the flannel, because this material is also pasted on their back side. Additional fasteners (Velcro, pins) are not required. Practical and safe!
1. For self-production, you need small cloves with hats, a section of a plain light-colored flannel, chipboard of any convenient size with a thickness of 1.5 - 2 cm, a hammer, pliers may be needed.

2. If the angles of the future flannelograph are sharp, it is advisable to grind them off. If there is a board with machined corners and ribs, we immediately proceed to fastening the fabric (pre-ironed).

3. It is better to tuck the material with the edge inward: it looks more aesthetically pleasing and excreting the thread.

4. The finished manual is attached to the wall or furniture at a minimum angle. Even from an almost sheer surface, pictures will not fall.

5. Illustrations made on thin paper are glued first to cardboard, and then to the flannel. Complex plot pictures can be treated with PVA glue, then pressed to a fabric, dried under a press, then cut out.

6. Large and vivid images with a drawn outline are found in books aimed at children up to two or three years old. We wish your family exciting games! And take care of the flannelograph from home pussies who sharpen their claws anywhere.