Ball for decoration

New Year is a time of dreams and magic, not only for children, but also for adults. By this holiday, many seek to decorate their home, office, and even cars. The classic form of Christmas toys is considered to be a ball. This ball-shaped craft is light and airy. Make it very simple, so you need to interest children in creativity.
For manufacturing you will need:
1) Any color tape (not too dense)
2) Balloon
3) PVA glue
4) Various beads, rhinestones, etc.
5) Thread and needle.

We make the frame of the toy: inflate a balloon, the size can be made as desired. It is advisable to lightly grease the ball first with any cream (so that after drying the glue it is easy to remove the frame). Then we generously apply PVA glue to the ball and wrap the braid. Here, too, you can show your own imagination. After the tape is glued, we hang the ball to dry the glue (it is better to do it at night).

When the glue is completely dry, carefully make a small incision on the ball and slowly release air. We take out the ball and the frame of the toy remains.

We decorate the toy: we sew or glue the beads throughout the toy frame. It is desirable that the beads are light so as not to burden the finished toy.

We make the core of the toy: in the presented version, the beads are strung in random order.

We connect the main frame of the toy and the core. Above you can make a loop, or just leave the “tails”.

The finished toy can be hung on a Christmas tree, decorate the ceiling or chandelier, or hang in the car. Here is one of the options for a Christmas toy, which can be performed in this way. Since this is done very simply, you can fantasize endlessly. Happy New Year!