The problem of attaching the hood

I bought it means a hood, simple but not quite cheap. He came home, was going to attach to the kitchen, when he suddenly stole a gas pipe that was in the way. The manufacturer made standard fasteners: for fastening to the wall closely, which naturally I could not do because of the pipe.

I found a way out of this situation: I bought 6 corners. They are not expensive, I have 8 rubles worth. Why 6? Because the hood will be attached in 3 places and one corner will require 2 corners. Mounting will occur as follows:

First, I will screw all 6 corners to the hood and see how everything will be.

The pipe protrudes in the largest place 5 centimeters from the wall. Corners give a distance of 8 centimeters, plus of which you can configure from 5 to 15 centimeters.
Then everything is according to the standard: we attach the corners to the wall and to the hood, then we hang the hood and connect the corners of the wall and the hood, fasten with bolts.

That's all, I hope someone comes in handy.