Mittens of Santa Claus

New Year is a holiday for everyone, including the main donor of the blessings of Santa Claus! But the trouble, Santa Claus walked in the forest, but lost his mitten! How to hold a staff, because it doesn’t freeze for long! And you should start by preparing everything you need, you will need:
• Cardboard
• Two wet wipes
• Needle
• scissors
• Cotton threads are dense
• Woolen thread
• Tools for decorating gloves
To begin with, we’ll make a blank from cardboard (cardboard should be taken tight) and draw a mitten pattern on it. Then cut along the contour and make markings on napkins.

On the fabric, the contour along which the workpiece will be cut should be 3-4 cm larger than the cardboard version.

Next, we overcast our mitten and turn it over to the front side. Cardboard should be inserted in the center of our blank, and the surplus sheathed using a suitable color woolen thread. And we get such a product

But he lacks a festive mood. Everything that is at your fingertips is useful for this: beads, beads, jewelry made of glass and plastic.
In my case, there was a flower braid at hand, and glass elements from a bracelet. In any case, you will have to make the central part as the basis of the decor and select additional elements to it. For the center, I prepared a piece of terry cloth, cutting a circle out of it.

Then we trim it with woolen thread, making a fringing. Now you can begin to form a magic snowflake from glass elements.
We sew the main decorating element to the mitten and complement the composition with secondary decorations, in my case these are white flowers with a blue center, very reminiscent of snowflakes.
The last stage is the edge, you can make it from faux fur or tinsel.

So, a wonderful gift for Santa Claus is ready, which can be made with a child. Additionally, in the center of the mitten you can put a congratulatory letter with the words of gratitude. To put such a present should be under the tree, so that Frost exchanged it for a gift for a child.