Chain wrench

Very often, when you need to unscrew the bolts in an inaccessible place, you have to spend a lot of time to find the most convenient position. This problem can be solved with the help of a homemade wrench with transmission of torque along the chain. Such a tool helps to save time, without the need to exert excessive effort.

For the manufacture of a homemade wrench with a chain transmission, the following materials will be required: a profile pipe 50x50 mm, two sprockets with a chain and a steel bar. For work, you will need a grinder, a welding machine, as well as a lathe (in the presence of suitable parts, you can do without a turner).

The main stages of work

We cut off a piece of 52 cm long from the square profile pipe with a grinder. Then on one of the sides we put asterisks with a tightened chain and make markings for the openings for two shafts. Next, drill through holes. We retreat from the edge of the profile 1 cm on each side and cut off two plates with sides.

Now, for the resulting blanks, it is necessary to grind one side from different sides so that the plates can be joined together. Then we drill holes with a drill of larger diameter. We cut two bars from a steel bar, of which we make landing shafts for sprockets on a lathe.

We process the tail parts of the shafts with a grinder, so that in the end we get four faces on a turn-key basis and a square head for unscrewing the bolts. Asterisks are welded to the shafts, and then we assemble all the elements in a single design. Cut off excess protruding parts on the shafts and grind the surface. Chain wrench ready!