We decorate clothes with the image of a horse

With the approach of the New Year, I decided to decorate the clothes with the image of the owner of the year - Horse.

To do this, I drew a contour from the sketch. She drew with paraffin - that is, when you cut a candle, the edges are sharp and it is more convenient to draw: it is thinner than chalk and softer than soap.

Then she applied the semicircular blue medium beads using hot-melt adhesive. First applied hot melt, and then applied a bead.

The glue is whitish, so it doesn’t look so hot on black, so I had to paint over the contour with different colors. Initially, I planned to just lay out the contour of the horse, but apparently it doesn’t look like on a black T-shirt, because smudges from glue are visible.
I laid out a set of red half beads to indicate the mane, horn and tail and painted over the body in red. I diluted red paint a little with water (no more than 10%, as it is written on the paint label).

But even this seemed to me not enough. For beauty, I circled the horse's golden outline.

I shaded the hooves, eyes, horn and tips of the mane in red. The tail looks like a tree with berries - the year of the wooden horse, after all. And the body inside was drawn like the roots of a tree.

Such a horse came out! I did not fix it with an iron - I'm afraid the circuit will crack. On red paint, she applied sparkles on top. Now I realized that in order to keep the spangles, it was necessary to apply glue like Globus or colorless other glue to dried red paint and sprinkle it on top with spangles.