Watermelon lemonade

Watermelon lemonade is a deliciously delicious and refreshing drink. It is often served at resorts, in places of rest on the sea. The recipe is very simple, a minimum of ingredients and an amazing result. Watermelon itself is very refreshing, and in the form of lemonade this effect is amplified many times.


  • One watermelon, from which you need to get 500 ml. juice.
  • Chilled water 500 ml.
  • 5-6 lemons to get 150-180 ml. juice.
  • 200 ml. sugar syrup.

Preparation of watermelon lemonade, step by step recipe

So, squeeze the juice from the lemons. We filter through a strainer to remove the seeds and flesh.

Cut the pulp of watermelon into cubes.

Immerse in a blender.

Grind until smooth.

We filter through a strainer.

The pulp is not needed.

You should get half a liter of watermelon juice. Since the watermelon berry is very juicy, one should be more than enough.

All ingredients are prepared. We take a container for mixing. Fill half with watermelon juice.

And add the remaining liquids: syrup, lemon juice, water.

Add ice. You can decorate with a slice of watermelon and lemon.

I recommend to use immediately after cooking.

Amazingly refreshing and invigorating.

PS: If the watermelon is especially bony, it’s better not to grind the pulp with a blender, but to crush the pulp with a potato loaf and strain.
Ratios can be changed to suit your taste preferences.
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