Shamanic Staff of Rain

Let's try to make with your own hands the Rainstick, or, as it is called in Russian, the Staff of the rain. This is an ethnic South American musical instrument that has long since left the homes of shamans and is used by many modern musicians.
In order to make this rattle imitating the sound of rain, a special type of cactus is traditionally used, the trunk of which is dried and spared. We will use a simple cardboard tube, which usually wrap baking foil or cling film. To begin with the help of an awl, we need to make many holes in it:
Next, we need to arrange a “mechanism” inside the tube that will make noise. The Indians used needles from the same cactus. We will take the ordinary sticks that we got by gutting a bamboo napkin. You can use regular toothpicks. Here is the result:
The more often the sticks are located in the tube, the more realistic and brighter the sound will be. Then we cut out a circle from cardboard and glue one end of the tube. To do this, we use corrugated decorative paper, which is used by flower sellers. You can use any other, this one is taken in a floristic salon.
In order for Rainstick to make its wonderful sounds, something must hurt the toothpicks located inside. Any bulk material will do. In this case, we use rice. Often also used buckwheat, barley, small plastic balls. Everything that is at hand will do.
After that, you can glue the second end of the tube with cardboard and make it beautifully with corrugated paper.
A rain stick is used like a rattle. Only it must not be shaken, but carefully turned over. Then pouring rice or other filler will create a measured rustle, similar to the sound of rain. They say that if you “rustle” for a long time, then it can actually rain. Is it true? Now you have a chance to test it yourself.